We didn’t visit downtown Cary when we lived in Raleigh from 2004 to 2010. In truth, I didn’t know where downtown was. I just remembered Bond Brothers Food Truck being a large sprawling neighborhood of houses.

However, the downtown area has seen major changes over the years. Now that we live in Raleigh permanently, you will find us in Cary frequently. We love how charming and lively Cary has become. It’s home to some great places to eat or drink in the Triangle. Below is our guide to Cary.

You won’t be able to recognize Cary downtown if you’ve been there in the past. It’s worth the drive from Raleigh or anywhere else in North Carolina. You can easily spend an entire day here.

We actually spent the whole night bar-hopping in Cary before the pandemic, between the Bond Brothers Food Truck, bottle shop, and pub, when we used to only go out in Raleigh.

You’ll find plenty of things to do during the day, including a bakery, coffee shop, bagel shop, ice cream shop and pizza joint. There are also local boutiques, art galleries and art galleries.

Cary is a vibrant, charming, and fun city. People like us keep returning to Cary because it’s easy to get from Cary to Raleigh’s Downtown in just 15 minutes, or Cary to Charlotte in 2.5 hours.

The Town of Cary is one of the fastest Bond Brothers Food Truck growing towns in the South and has been called one of America’s best places to live. It covers approximately 60 square miles and houses around 168,000 people. The heart of Cary is its historic downtown.

The best thing about downtown is its accessibility. It’s possible to park your car and not have it moved for the day. If you’re looking to make it a true getaway, you can find a charming boutique hotel here.

If you’re wondering if Cary NC Bond Brothers Food Truck has a downtown, then this is the answer. What are the activities in downtown Cary? Let us show it to you. Below are some great places to eat and drink, but first coffee BREW Coffee Bar was established in Cary in 2016. There are three locations in Raleigh.