The US Auto Industry: Why It’s Still Important


Although some cars have earned the title “yank tank”, it is true that since the Model T, the US automotive industry has been a market leader for which the rest of the globe can be grateful.

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In style, here’s a list of 5 amazing things the US auto industry can be credited for:

  1. Lexus: Lexus might: seem odd to be the head of this list. While most people recognize Lexus as a Japanese company, many may not realize that LEXUS stands for Luxury Export To the USA and was initially a US-specific brand. The US auto industry allowed this new brand to flourish during the 1980’s. Without these unique conditions, Lexus would not be the brand it is today. In many ways, Lexus should be commended for its existence by the US auto industry.

Why is Lexus so important to you? The biggest reason Lexus is so important is not the GS or the great cars they make, but the fact that Lexus has been fiercely competing with Germany for over 20 years and has seen them rise in many areas. We wouldn’t have seen such market-leading products from the likes BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi if it wasn’t for Lexus.

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  1. Infiniti: The same reason as Lexus but they haven’t yet reached the same level of success. They are expected to drive more competition and produce even better products for the automotive industry in the future.
  2. Electric cars: America has been and continues to be the center of innovation in the world. Although others may continue to compete for the same market, the US is still the largest generator of innovative, game-changing ideas like Google and Facebook.

We are witnessing the same thing in Silicon Valley startup Tesla’s automotive industry. The company’s goal is to produce the best cars possible and it has succeeded in this endeavor with the Tesla S. It is also electric.

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While I’m a traditionalist, the rise and popularity of electric cars is something that I believe is inevitable. There will be a need for a new type of transportation as oil runs out. Although most of the major car manufacturers are beginning to accept this fate, it appears that Tesla and companies like this one being founded in the US will drive the change. They are creating products that consumers want, not need.

  1. These compact SUVs: are the most disliked, but they are also the fastest-growing segment in the world. SUV’s are the perfect combination of size and safety, fuel efficiency, driving position, status, and style. They have helped drive record-breaking car sales in many markets. This is actually a good thing. Higher sales equals more profitability for car companies, and better quality for consumers (just take a look at the Porsche Cayenne). We have to give this invention to who? The defunct US auto manufacturer AMC and their appropriately named Eagle

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  1. The Consumers: America’s auto industry is still the largest in the world. General Motors, Chrysler, Ford, and Ford are huge supporters of the foreign auto industry as well as workers. General Motors has helped a local Australian industry prosper by providing significant support to Holden, a local manufacturer. Ford, Chrysler, and their respective offshoots are all subject to the same. Many countries would not have a car industry without the US auto industry’s support.