8 Best Engine Cleaners and Degreasers 2022



WD-40, a super liquid, was used to get rid of the squeaky sound from your office chair or tighten old screws. WD-40 is still one of the most popular engine cleaners. It can be used in many different ways. It can be used for cleaning dirt and other debris from the engine. However, it can also be used to clean grease off many surfaces such as metal floors or metal.

It’s also an environmentally-friendly product, as it is water-based. This means you won’t contribute to pollution. It is strong enough to remove gunk and debris from car parts, but it is not recommended for sensitive surfaces such as electronics or filters.


The biodegradable solution works well on many surfaces including tires, plane turbines, car engines and plane turbines. The liquid is completely free from alcohol and ammonia, making it safe to dispose of any unused liquid. It can cause serious damage to electronic components of your car, including filters.

It works its magic for the engine. You’ll be able to see the engine shining after spraying a little.


It is a cleaner for dust, dirt and gunk engines. The cleaner’s biodegradable formula is safe for the environment, but don’t let it fool you. The family-owned company created a powerful liquid that can remove virtually all accumulated metal and plastic.

Spraying it on electronics and filters is dangerous, as are many other products. The spray-and-wait method makes your engine look new again. It can be used on cars, boats, and motorcycles.


This cleaner is all-purpose. This means it cleans under the hood as well as the interior, including the dashboard and any other parts. This liquid can also be used as a regular cleaner for your car’s motor, but it is not recommended for stubborn dirt, grime and gunk. This liquid is best if you keep your vehicle clean.

But, it is possible that your engine might not be strong enough if there are accumulated dirt particles that have been sitting for a while.


This one has it all. This will remove all gunk, dirt, and grime from your engine over the years. It is extremely powerful, so don’t use it on aluminum or other sensitive surfaces. It can be used to clean interiors if it is diluted. However, be sure you follow the instructions. You’ll want to keep the solution in large containers weighing 3.3 pounds.

It is safe for the environment, and it even has a pleasant herbal scent. Although this may not seem important, think about the time spent cleaning. This will not irritate the skin or eyes. Spray it on and rinse it off to make your engine sparkle.


This Extreme engine cleaner is strong enough to remove all gunk and grime from your engine. It also removes stains left by the long-lasting grease on metal surfaces. It is not recommended to use it on the interior of your car as it can cause damage to aluminum and plastic. It is not safe for the environment.

This strong liquid contains harmful compounds and should be thrown out with great care. You can use a different degreaser if you don’t have the safety precautions.

Bio Circle

This one is both nature-friendly and super-powerful at removing grease from steel surfaces. You’ll never run out. It comes in a large 44-pound container. It can be used on any metal surface, even your garage or garden tools. It is non-flammable, water-based, and free of VOCs.

It can be used to dissolve it with water for items that are not so heavily sunk in grime like household goods. It should not be used on any sensitive areas. Always wash it with lots of water. It is important to give your skin a thorough clean.

Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys has Orange Degreaser Engine Cleaner. This one is always easy to spot in the shop because of its bright orange color. This Chem guys marketing campaign is very cool. You’ve probably seen this one many times in your mechanic shop. Orange can clean engines, floors, tools, tires and other surfaces. This formula is so strong, that it must be diluted before being used on metal surfaces.

These instructions are simple and clear. Before you start cleaning, make sure to read them. It can cause irreparable harm if it is not diluted enough. It is not recommended to use the solution on aluminum, plastic, or upholstery. Make sure you rinse the solution thoroughly after use.