Frontier Truck Gear: Grille Guard


Frontier Truck Gear is the premier manufacturer of durable, long-lasting Grille Guards. Frontier Grille Guards will protect your truck and your family. This brush guard is the best on the market. This brush guard is made of a unique, heavy-duty one-piece design that ensures maximum efficiency and strength. Its distinctive punch-plate grille has a full wraparound style that matches the lines of your vehicle. Every Frontier Truck Gear product is custom-made using the highest technology and best quality materials. We are committed to innovation and strive for the most aerodynamic styling. All our grille guards are frame mounted for added security and protection. Grab your Frontier Truck Gear Grille Guard now.


Frontier Truck Gear bumpers combine ranch-style design with high durability. What is a ranch bumper? Ranch bumpers are heavy-duty bumpers that have a diamond powder coat finish to protect your truck. Your stock bumper might get damaged from the constant loading and unloading of your truck. Frontier offroad bumpers are made with plated steel, reinforced with maximum welding points. Each bumper can be fitted with either factor tow hooks or fog lamps, depending on the model. The bumpers are designed to support your front suspension, not weigh it down. Direct frame mount installation is very strong thanks to the frame mounting points that provide extra protection. Frontier Truck Gear bumpers offer ranch-style bumpers.

Additional information about Frontier Bumpers

Bumper weight: The majority of Frontier Bumpers weigh between 180 and 200 pounds. The application for Frontier Front Replacement Bumper can vary depending upon the year and the model. The bumper’s standard features are the same throughout the entire product range. It is easy to install and includes general instructions, mounting hardware, brackets, and mounting bolts.

We’ve created the largest selection of front and rear truck bumpers to meet your vehicle’s needs. Over the years, the bumper industry has become a key automotive accessory. The options are endless. Each bumper we sell has been carefully designed to fit your vehicle and is strong, durable, and well-built. We have the right bumper for you, whether you want to improve the look of your truck or protect it.

Frontier Truck Gear makes heavy-duty truck accessories like Grille Guards. Accessories look great on all trucks and offer great off-road protection. Products are handcrafted in Texas. They have a unique fit that allows for maximum strength and unique design. Frontier Truck Gear parts can be financed at rates as low as zero percent