G&J Truck Sales: Partnership


USA G&J Truck Sales Technologies Announces

MALVERN, Pa BUSINESS WIRE)–USA Technologies, Inc. (“NASDAQ:USAT”), a leading digital payment, consumer engagement, and logistics service provider in the self-service retail sector, announced today a partnership with G&J Truck Sales Marketing and Sales, LLC, (G&J), the top vending sales broker in America. G&J will now be able to sell USA’s top payment technology and enterprise service directly to its national customer base, which includes over 2,000 unattended retailers.

G&J was founded in 1984. It is a national brokerage that partners with many manufacturers, including Red Bull, Smuckers and Flowers. Products include candy, pastries and frozen foods as well as beverages, paper products, beverages, and refrigerated products. G&J Truck Sales has partnered with USAT for the first time to sell enterprise technology solutions and payment services to its customers via its more than 30 salespeople.

Greg Sidwell, CEO of G&J Marketing and Sales said, “Our business continues its growth because our customers trust that we will bring them the best products and services to promote their business success.” USAT’s new partnership allows us to offer our operators a best-in class solution. This will allow them to innovate and keep up with consumer expectations while streamlining operations and reducing costs. When we meet with customers across the country, it is a joy to be able to offer USAT’s solution.

USA Technologies believes it offers the first truly integrated, end-to-end enterprise platform in the unattended retail marketplace. It is designed to increase sales and reduce operational costs. Customers can run their business more efficiently and more competitively by giving them the tools they need to manage their operations. USAT offers a range of enterprise services including logistics, pre-kitting, automated pre-kitting and responsive merchandising. They also manage inventory, warehouse, accounting, cashless payments, loyalty, and consumer engagement.

Stephen P. Herbert, CEO of USA Technologies stated that G&J Truck Sales is a leader in unattended retail sales and an advisor to operators. He was thrilled that the company would be selling its services directly to its clients. Many unattended retailers still depend on different technologies, systems, and platforms that don’t communicate with one another. G&J Truck Sales is a partner that we believe will help many operators who are looking to improve their technology, but don’t know where or who to trust. These operators will be able to use our payments and enterprise platform to simplify, optimise and manage their businesses using our end-to–end logistics and payment system.