What to keep in your car for emergencies


Many online car preparation guides offer advice on what to bring in case of an emergency. One of the most popular online car preparation guides is the “LifeHammer,” which knocks out your windows in case your car and you are suddenly in water. Here’s what you need to be prepared for. Instead of going into action film territory, I offer this list of practical items you should keep in your car for real emergencies.

The most common emergency is the flat tire

You need to fix a flat. The most common emergency is the flat tire. Your tire will know when it is going to blow on you. A jack, tire iron, and a properly inflated spare tire are all necessary. You also need to be able to change a tire. While canned tire repair products like Fix-A-Flat may work in certain situations, it is better to have the tools and knowledge to change a new tire. You should not wait to take your tire to the service station for a permanent replacement. Both are not meant to be long-term solutions.

Always carry your charger and cell phone in your car. Keep it charged. You can also use your car charger to charge your phone during your commute so that your phone is always charged in an emergency.

A way to charge a dead battery or comatose one: Ah, the dreaded clicking sound you hear when you turn the key. Perhaps your battery is damaged. Perhaps you forgot to turn the lights on. You’re stuck, no matter what. You can either keep a portable charger or jumper cables handy, and you should know how to use them. You should keep them in your trunk. Although charging units are easier to use and require less assistance, jumper cables can be left unattended while chargers are in constant need of maintenance.

You need something to illuminate your work area. Even if all the tools, spare parts and donuts are available, it won’t be enough if you have a breakdown at night and must work in darkness. Keep a flashlight and lots of extra batteries on hand for things like changing your tire, jump starting your battery, and other tasks that may arise in the dark. It’s not enough to leave it in your trunk.

To show other drivers that you are there, flares and a reflective triangle should be used when working in darkness. It is important to warn other drivers: “Watch out!” I’m here working.

The most important tools to keep in your trunk are flat tire repair tools, your phone charger, flashlight, flares, and a flashlight. These are the only essentials that you will need in most situations. These won’t be of any help if your ship sinks in the ocean. They’ll still work 99.9999%.