Melbourne’s car locksmith shares five simple tips to avoid car key drama


Melbourne’s car locksmith shares five simple tips to avoid car key drama

Keep losing your keys? Do you lock your keys? You have trouble finding your keys You don’t have to worry about it, even if you skip your morning coffee. It’s okay to have a few moments of panic every now and again. You might be concerned if your car keys are lost, stolen, or locked inside frequently.

1) Locate lost keys to your car using your smartphone

It was way back in the stone age, before smartphones and GPS! It was easy to locate lost keys by tracing your steps and finding the location where they may have been left. Today, however, it is much simpler. It’s no longer necessary to track your steps, ask store attendants or search lost property bins. You only need your smartphone! Keychain fobs let you track your car keys from your smartphone. The fob emits a GPS signal or WiFi signal. You can use the app to follow the pings and locate your phone. It’s easy to find keys lost nowadays thanks to all of these features. These young people don’t know what a great job they do! You want more information?

2) You might consider disabling automatic locking

These days, cars offer conveniences that are almost unheard-of even a few years back. Keyless ignition and remote unlocking are some of the most common features. Transponder keys, keyless ignition, keyless entry, and many other conveniences are available. You might not know that automatic locking was an option you have. Auto-locking systems not only lock your doors automatically when you start driving but also lock it after a period of inactivity. Although it’s an interesting feature, there are often times when we need to take care of something urgently. You might leave something at work or want to speak to a coworker on the way. Your auto-locking system shuts you out and locks you in. This is why so many lockouts are caused by this feature. You can disable this feature on most cars. You should be aware that the procedure varies depending on which vehicle you drive. You can disable your autolock by consulting the owner’s manual or calling your dealership.

3) Keep your keys, car remote and keys separated

Here’s another tip to help you avoid losing your car keys: keep your remote and car keys separated. Keep them apart, and you don’t want to put them on the same keychain. If you lose one of them, you will have another method of unlocking your car to get to it. You might be worried about losing one of them because they are separated. To minimize the risk of losing one, you can attach them both to separate items so that they are always with you. You can attach them to your wallet or phone, for instance.

4) Get creative

We think that humans are quite creative and innovative. To be where we are today, it would take a lot of creativity and inventiveness. There are many creative and clever tricks motorists have used to keep track of their keys over time. One of these tricks is to make keys glow-in the dark, or to create glowing key fobs.

You can use glow-in the-dark paint and stickers to make sure that your car keys will not be lost on dark nights or in a bag with a black hole.

5) Contact your local locksmith

“Make something idiot-proof and they’ll build a better fool.” – Unknown. To be clear, we don’t believe you are stupid. Even the smartest person may make mistakes. Although these hacks are helpful in avoiding car key dramas, they aren’t foolproof.

You might lose your car keys, or get locked out of your vehicle, despite all your efforts. When things go wrong, you need a plan B – one that will work every time. Your local automotive locksmith is available to help with any car key emergency.

We are available 24/7 to assist you with any locksmithing needs. We can offer immediate solutions to any problem because our vans have all the necessary equipment. It is a good idea to have at least one locksmith handy.