The Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Forget a Wheel Alignment


The wheels are an essential part of a car because they hold the tyres in place and keep it moving. Wheel alignment is often overlooked by car owners, even though they might perform minor and major service occasionally. Poor wheel alignment can cause problems with driving and other issues. The angle of the wheels relative to each other and the body of the vehicle is called wheel alignment.

These are the main reasons wheel alignment is so important.

Steering issues: If the wheels aren’t aligned correctly, it can be difficult for the driver to control the vehicle in the correct direction. It can be difficult to steer the vehicle in the right direction on busy roads or in adverse weather conditions like rain or snow. Car accidents can result if the driver is not able to direct the vehicle in the right direction. Alignment of the wheels is key to vehicle handling and stability. If the tyres don’t fit properly, your car won’t ride smoothly. You compromise the safety of your car and passengers by not aligning the wheels properly.

  • Wear and Tear

An improperly aligned tyre can cause uneven wear and tear. This can reduce road grip and cause damage for the wheel and axle. Proper alignment will prevent wear and tear, and give tyres a longer lifespan. Incorrect alignment can cause tyres to burst or blow off.

  • Increased Fuel Consumption

If the tyres don’t fit properly, fuel consumption will increase. This can also impact the vehicle’s speed and grip on the roads, leading to accidents. The drag on the tyre can cause fuel efficiency to drop by 10%.

  • Increased stress

Incorrect alignment can cause unnecessary stress to the steering components and other rotating parts. Improper alignment can cause vibrations in the steering wheel. You can detect vibration by turning off the engine and the music system.

  • Expensive Repairs

Incorrect alignment can result in more expensive repairs down the line. This can happen in the form worn-out tires, steering issues or damages from accidents. Brake failures are possible and wheels can become bent due to stress buildup. Brake pads can become damaged and quickly deteriorate. The calipers rub against the metal indicator when it reaches a certain level. The brakes will squeal when this happens. If you ignore the squeal and allow brake pads to wear completely, the calipers will grind into the wheels. This can lead to costly replacement of components. Also, damaged rotors can cause collisions and lower braking efficiency.

The road conditions can cause alignment problems in wheels. Alignment problems can be caused by potholes, bumps, and worn shocks and structs. Alignment problems can also be caused by modifications to the vehicle that are not recommended or approved by the manufacturer.

It could be an indication of improper alignment if the steering wheel does not return to its original position (centre), after turning it. Wheel alignment should be checked more often if the road conditions are poor. The wheel alignment can be affected if a car is involved in an accident or hits a concrete parking lot.